We create value for your business.

dA Branding Cluster creates the values of lands and buildings, moreover, the brand value of the clients by investigations of humanities in multiple areas including society, economy, technology, culture, environment, psychology, and so on.
It is a value creator group to maximize not only future value but also profitability through the architectural solutions that lead the industry and technology development.

  • Research & Development
    Research & Development

    Collect information such as market, clients, and trends to explore differentiating factors for products.

  • Business Opportunity
    Business Opportunity

    Identify situations and backgrounds that have become trends and issues, and capture new business opportunities by analyzing consumer behavior patterns and social trends.

  • Brand Strategy
    Brand Strategy

    Build strong brand positioning by gaining a competitive advantage through differentiation.

Smart City / Metaverse

It offers the architectural solutions considering the organic connections among the elements of technology, people, and space how the cities play roles in the hyper-connected society.

Jamsil MICE Sports Complex

Attractive city planning of virtual layer that can enjoy whenever and wherever with the activation plan of Metaverse accessible 24/7

City Branding

Future-oriented identity is established by discovering intangible values such as philosophy, purposes, culture, and so on of the city.

General industrial complex in Han River Cinepolis

Propose core contents making in three blocks upon the analyses of location, industry, society, culture, and psychology of the neighboring regions


Use the strengths of the existing brand sufficiently, but set ‘the future core values’ by the strategic changes with establishment of new and differentiated brand position by repositioning.

Mixed use development of NH Hanaro Club

Organize NH town ecosystem considering the brand image of NH together with local charactersitics

Green System Design

Offer the eco-friendly design such as zero-energy, passive design, low impact development (LID) system, and so on by analyzing territorial conditions within the guideline

Sejong City 1-5 Living Area H5 Residential and Commercial Complex
Pangyo 2nd Techno Valley Corporate Support Hub
Centerfield Yeoksam (formerly the Renaissance Hotel)
Sewoon Reorganization Promotion District 6-3-1, 2