Owner agent and business coordinator

Owner agent
and business coordinator

As the representative of the building owner or project mediator, dA PCM performs all or part of planning, feasibility study, VE, design, procurement, contract, construction management, construction supervision, evaluation, and follow-up management for the successful business, and offers the integrative solution to maximize the customers’ benefit by optimizing costs, time, quality, and so on.

01Planning step

We offer the building owner proper usages and size upon setting the project goals and investigating related regulations, conditions of lands, and so on. Feasibility analysis service is offered to be able to maximize the profitability by reviewing and analyzing initial investment, project financing (PF), marketability, cash flow, P&L, and so on.


02Basic design and working design

We offer the solution to minimize the anticipated risks in the construction step by minimizing the design changes and providing technical supports to save the construction costs and time.


03Construction step

The risks of construction business due to delayed construction, lowered quality, increased costs, and so on are minimized by the database and know-how of experts on cost control, time management, quality control, construction control, and so on. In addition, we offer the services that building owners can perform the constructions in a stable manner since we have the manuals on various safety issues which have recently been raised in the construction sites.

dA PCM (Project Construction Management)

Construction business is a stable asset that offers building owners benefits as well as public goods which require the approval from the national authorities.
dA PCM performs the business practices by realizing the benefit of building owners as much as possible based on strict social ethical standards and responsibility.

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